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We are grateful for the opportunity to work with your children. Please familiarize yourself with our studio policies that help our studio run safely and efficiently.


Ballet is required for all levels in order to enroll in any additional classes. Enrolling in Hip Hop and Acro/Tumbling is an exception to this rule. (i.e. - A student wanting to take a jazz, tap, lyrical or pointe, must also enroll in Ballet. A student only wanting to take hip hop or acro is not required to enroll in ballet.)


Dance Atlantic's annual recital performance will be held June 9th-11th 2023. Dress Rehearsals will be held June 5th-8th. Both rehearsals and shows will be held at Atlantic High School. Admission is $10 and tickets will be sold  online and at the door 


Parents are asked to notify the studio by phone or email if your child is sick or will be absent from class for other reasons. It is imperative that students attend class regularly to continue growth. If your child is injured, they are still expected to attend class and observe. Missed classes will not be refunded.


Classes are all conducted in a closed classroom. This is in effort to keep students attention on the teacher during class, and not on family members or friends that may be sitting in on the class.  Scheduled parent watch week is added to the calendar a couple times throughout the year to allow parents to monitor their child's progression.


In the event of inclement weather, classes will be closed following the Atlantic school district's decision regarding weather conditions.  Parents will be notified via email and text message of closing, as well as, via social media. KSOM, KS95.7 and KJAN will also announce closings.


Female students should wear a leotard, athletic or sports bra, or form fitting tank top. Skirts, tights and form-fitting bottoms are acceptable. Male students should wear athletic type clothing. Jeans are not acceptable.


Shoes must be purchased through the studio for uniformity. Fittings can be done at the studio office for correct sizing. Listed below are the shoes needed for class options.

Ballet/Lyrical Shoes:

Capezio Daisy Ballet (pink) is required for Kinderdance/Intro to Youth/Youth I ballet classes.  Capezio Pedini Lyrical Shoe (suntan) is required for Youth II and up ballet classes.

Tap Shoes:

Capezio Youth Jr. Tyette Patent Leather Tap (black) is required for Kinderdance/Intro to Youth/Youth I tap classes. Capezio Fluid Jazz Tap is required for Youth II and up tap classes. 

Jazz Shoes:

Capezio E-Series Jazz Slip On (tan) is required for all jazz classes. 

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